About Us

Ektelon® is the first brand in racquetball. Since 1964, we have been a driving force in the innovation of the game. From humble beginnings to world ‐class competition, Ektelon has crafted racquetball equipment that consistently positions our athletes at the top of the game. And, in this competition, being first is what it’s all about. 

Today, Ektelon is recognized as the leader in racquetball.  No other brand has developed and introduced more significant technology to the sport. In four decades, we  have revolutionized racquet sizes and shapes to enhance power and control, developed strings and stringing systems that have changed the sport forever by broadening the  appeal to every level of player, and designing superior  quality accessories like grips, balls, bags and footwear.  With championship pedigree, Ektelon represents racquetball more than any other brand on the market.