Ektelon Announces Launch of new Revolution two-color ball as the Official Ball of the LPRT

Ektelon Announces Launch of new Revolution two-color ball as the Official Ball of the LPRT 

New exclusive two-tone ball design allows you to pick up spin and see the ball better even at mach speeds on court!

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OMAHA, Neb., September 23, 2014 – Ektelon is excited to announce the launch of the Revolution, a two-color racquetball for use in both indoor and outdoor.  As the Official Ball of the LPRT, Ektelon will provide the Revolution for use in all LPRT events beginning in October.   For decades baseball players have explained how when they are in the zone, a pitched ball looks like a beach ball and they can see the rotation of the ball by picking up the seams. Now Ektelon is bringing that same affect to the racquetball court with the new Revolution ball.

“It just makes sense, a racquetball travels faster and you have to deal with the elements -glass walls, different colored floors, glare even sun when playing outdoors. Ektelon has developed the Revolution to help deal with all the elements and help you track the ball no matter what the conditions. We didn't slow the ball down, we understand that many enjoy playing with a faster ball so we developed this with that in mind as well. This ball is fast, very fast!” says Scott Winters, VP of Ektelon.

While Ektelon stands behind the key benefit of this product being visibility, it’s important to point out that the playability of the Revolution has not been sacrificed.  Ektelon made sure of this by producing this ball using the same technology features that are incorporated in one the games top-selling ball, the Fireball.  Over the past several months, the leading brand in the sport has been testing this with their pros and at key events to ensure it meets the aggressive standards that Ektelon has for any product it rolls out carrying the famous flame. 

While the Revolution’s two-color design appeals to the player for ultimate visibility and minimal time needed to get adjusted, Ektelon believes this is an added benefit for spectators as well.  “The LPRT greatly values its partnership with Ektelon and we are pleased to be the first organization to adopt the Revolution ball as our official ball” says LPRT commissioner Andy Kulback.  Ektelon has put a stake in the ground with their continued push for growth in the sport, they believe this is one more added feature benefit people watching live at an event or through broadcast mediums.  “As a company, our focus over the last couple years has been on how help drive more participation in this sport at all levels.  We know that in order to get people to attend an event or tune in to a broadcast, it has to be something they can follow and enjoy.  If adding a two-color ball helps keep people engaged in the game as spectators, we believe it will only foster their interest in participating in the sport on a more regular basis” says Winters. 

This has already become apparent from the recent 3 Wall Ball Championships in Las Vegas.  Coverage was featured on ESPN3, throughout the broadcast and following, Ektelon has received numerous positive comments from players and people who tuned in on the enhanced visibility the ball provided. As the Official Ball of the LPRT, the Revolution will become a mainstay in all events beginning with the Stockton, CA event in October. 

Ektelon expects a full release of this ball for retail in late February.

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